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Best Tips: How to Unblock Someone on Venmo [WORKING]

how to unblock someone on venmo

Although lots of people aren’t fans of physical cash transfers settings, the Venmo App has still achieved a high grouth sprout within the few years and is gonna grow to carry much more transactions with time. The Venmo app is working and available for both Android Operating System and iOS Platforms Giving a clear statistic […]

Get Your Anime App icons For Free!!

anime app icons repdex

Designing your phone with anime app icons might just be one of the sweetest things you need to do, especially if you already have a thing for anime. Why won’t you, when anime has always pulled even adults glued to their TV and mobile devices, watching and watching series after series, episode after episode. Series […]



Uploading to iCloud Paused Fixed. iCloud is an in-built storage and computing service used mainly on iPhones, powered and owned by one of the biggest tech brand in the world, Apple Inc. The app is designed to help its users to store their personal and important data, for future reference. You can easily retrieve all […]

How to Stop Sharing Location Without Anyone Knowing

How to Stop Sharing Location Without Anyone Knowing

STOP SHARING LOCATION WITHOUT NOTIFYING Sharing the location of where we are is not a new thing, as people do it for various causes. Even though our whereabouts should only be shared to trusted ones, family and close friends can, at any time initiate communication should in case any issue comes up. In this way, […]