What is Bronze Skin Tone? How to Achieve Bronze Skin

Bronze Skin Tone All About Bronze Skin Tone

How to Achieve a Bronze Skin Tone

Good day everyone, we must have all heard of the skin variations called bronze skin tone.

So, today we are going to be taking a quick look at what is bronze skin tone and how to achieve a bronze skin tone color.

So, have you been thinking what bronze skin tone is? So be patient as I will brief you on what bronze skin tone really means, alongside images to give a perfect illustration, (Clothes to wear, Makeup Tips and Creams to Use, jewelry type to put on, alongside the hair color to use) all this for you to dress properly if you have a bronze skin tone.

What is Bronze Skin Tone?

ANSWER: Bronze skin tone is a type of skin tone possessed by an individual, this gives him/her a brown color skin with red or golden undertones. And it is the Lightest form of brown skin tones. The Eye colors of those who possess a bronze sin tone or color may range from black, brown, or olive. Individuals withholding a bronze skin coloration tend to tan and stay way from the ultra-violet sun rays.

bronze skin tone color variation, bronze skin tone, bronze skin
Bronze Skin Tone

Bronze skin tone individuals are known to be resistant to sunburn, but tan quickly and easily.

Anyone who holds a bronze skin tone is one who has a Brown skin color with underlying tones of golden and red. Bronze Skin Tone is the lightest among all variations of brown skin tones. But the bronze skin tone is darker than the caramel skin.

Classifications of Bronze Skin Tone

bronze skin tone, Fitzpatrick Scale

Bronze skin tone classification is aligned on type 5 on the scale above, which is called the Fitzpatrick Pigmentary Phototype Scale. Type 5 classification on the Fitzpatrick scale is known as dark brown or bronze.

How to Achieve a Bronze Skin Tone/Color

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After getting all the required skin care products recommended for you to use above, here are a few tips to optimize the process of getting bronzed or having a bronze skin tone. See tips below:

1. Protect Yourself First

The first step or move to make before thinking on bronzing or tanning your skin is always getting protection.
And by protection I mean get a damn sunscreen this would help your process of tanning and bronzing your skin to be more effective, as the slower you tan, the longer it would last, and the longer the bronze skin tone lasts, the measure of how effective it is.
You will have to rub and apply sunscreen (oil or lotion) with a two hours interval before and after getting out of water. This is to help stop and control sunburn on the skin.

2. Always Exfoliate Frequently

Bronzing your skin is also known as tanning or browning of the skin, and this implies your skin has a reaction with the sun, make sure you exfoliate on regular basics to remove up dead and clogged cells of the skin from blocking the rays of sunshine.
The demerit of not exfoliating properly is getting an uneven bronze skin tone, in other words, your bronze skin would have patches of lighter skin tone which is very bad.
Scrub out gently and lightly to avoid the removal of all colors. Dark skin individuals can use granulated sugar mixed with honey, coffee, and olive oil as a scrub.

3. Consistent Moisturizing

The Texture of skin determines the quality of the bronzing and tanning, a soft skin would tend to shift from a lighter skin tone to a bronze skin tone faster than tough or hard skin.
So make sure to use the recommended moisturizing skincare products to moisturize your body a night before the bronzing of the skin (sunbathe) and make it really silky, good preparations would give good results so make the right preparations before the day of tanning.
Focus mainly on the poor area, the areas that dry fast, as this can lead to an uneven bronze skin tone and tan.
As well as using a hydrating lotion on your skin, also drink a lot of water to regulate the homeostasis of the body and keep the skin hydrated while tanning.

4. Don’t Stay Idle

Make sure you move your body around to even the skin tone by giving access to the sun’s ray to land on your body. While facing upwards(Anterior) keep your arms up and when facing downwards (posterior) also keep your arms out.
Doing this would open up hidden parts for bronzing and tan. Note flip sides every 17 or 25 minutes.
Don’t fall asleep, it is a very unfortunate action to take while bronzing your skin to have a bronze skin tone. If you are feeling sleepy, put up an umbrella or enter a tent or a canopy to protect you from the sun.

5. Shield your Eyes

A lot of light rays hitting the eyes may stimulate the hypothalamus gland, and melanin may be released and increase the chance of geeing bronzed.
However, the skin of the eyes is very sensitive and gets burned quickly, so wear a sunshade pair of glasses or a good hat while under the rays of the sun.

6. Get Tan from Sun

It is much safer and healthier to get exposure from tan and not tanning beds, a tanning bed can give out a high concentration amount of UVA over 10 times additional.
The UVA rays are very good in the penetration of the skin and may cause radical damage along the line. This is what has put the sun way ahead of tanning beds with respect to health.

7. Monitor your Time

The Optimal timing for a bronzing skin session or tanning session is from 10 am to 4 pm, this is the time ordered by medical practitioners.
Getting burned and giving yourself permanent skin damage is not cool. Watch the time carefully, and follow the aligned steps to avoid pain (both internally and externally [on your skin])

8. Take your Bath After Tanning

Having a shower immediately after taking your skin tone from light to bronze skin tone, the next step for you to is having your bath with mild soap to wash all stains from sunscreen and cleanse oils and sand from the skin.
This would make your skin have a smoother and soft texture, moisturize your skin also after, or during the shower to balance the bronze skin tone. If you feel any burning sensation you can use any aloe vera lotion to calm and relax your skin.

Best Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Oil

Okay, so after showing you above the skincare products to use so as to achieve, maintain and have a good bronze skin tone, am also going to show you the tips and lotion to use so as to have a perfect tan and get a good bronzing/browning skin.

1. Sun Bum Browning Lotion

bronze skin tone, bronze skin

Sun Bum Browning Lotion is the best bronzing skincare product you use on your light skin tone to get a bronze skin color. It works fast makes an acceleration of tan under the sun.

Built to moisturize your skin and give the quality bronzing and browning to your skin under a short period of time under the sun. It is a premium darkening skincare product to give a change from light skin tone to brown or bronze skin tone.

The natural bronzing lotion has a lot of ingredients which can lead to annoying stains on your clothes or palms, make sure you wash it off immediately u get stained and enjoy your TAN.

2. Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil

bronze skin tone, bronze skin

Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil is currently the best tanning oil for bronze skin tone or bronze skin color individuals, it contains aloe vera, coconut oil and it is hypoallergic.

Water-resistant SPF 15 dark tanning oil, it gives a golden brown, or bronze skin tone it also has avocado oil among its ingredients, and it moisturizes the skin.

Best Makeup Shades tips for Bronze Skin

Like I mentioned earlier on the listings of the demerits of bronze skin tone, I said makeup dressing, of which I also said “It’s not a Big Deal” because regardless of your skin tone, you are definitely gonna lookup for the right makeup shades. Below are some few makeup tips:

1. Cheeks

Use a coral or pink blush shade and not the lighter shade to experience efficient accentuation of your skin. Cover up your cheeks with bronzing powder, brown blushes, or a coral blush shade.

When applied on the skin, it delivers out amazing and wonderful results of blush appearance on the cheeks. “Bronze skin looks so beautiful when good products are used on the skin”.

Don’t use Light pink color due to dull and light look on the skin, its very crucial to use the right products and creams on your cheeks to give an optimal bush appearance.

2. Lips

Bright and Bold colors are key in the makeup of the lips, get hold of bright orange-red colors, and corals next time you go on for shopping. When using bright colors like this, keep the rest of the makeup casual or use dark eyes

One might need to possess a lipstick and a sunscreen due to the fact that darker skin colors and tones may suffer hyperpigmentation.

3. Eyes

Wanna gain the attention on your bronze skin? then never forsake smoldering and smokey eyes, a bronze skin would match perfectly with clean eye or goddess look.

Now you must be thinking? how can i get a goddess look…here are the steps to get a goddess look.

You will need to apply a Black Mascara, black kohl liner for the eyes, and a golden eye shadow. All this and you can be assured to get a goddess look.

Also, you must be thinking, how can I get a clean eye look…take a look at the steps to get a clean eye look.

You will need a neutral eye shadow like ivory and use an eyeliner to curl lashes and give eyes a defined and well-structured shape.

Recommended Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Okay so just as I said above, you should wear on the smokey eye if you have a bronze skin tone. Well, there are several eye shadow palettes for Smokey eyes, but not all may work so good. However, I have a recommended Smokey eye shadow palette that works so well on bronze skin tones.

1. SHANY COLLECTION Smokey Eyeshadow Best Palette.
bronze skin tone, bronze skin eyeshadow

SHANY Smokey Eyeshadow Palette has 12 Smokey Shades, you can use the shany smokey eyeshadow for a date night, or a house party and special occasions by using the shades for occasion place in a simple kit. Works well for the bronze skin tones and gives a shining and bronzing glow around the eyes.

Made from natural mineral oils and gives a high shade pigment and has resistant to fading ways with a simple and easy application.

2. SHANY COLLECTION Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set Best Overall.
bronze skin tones, bronze skin tone, bronze skin

SHANY The Masterpiece Pro Signature Brush Set is a professional brush kit and the hair is made up of sable, pony, goat, and as well as synthetic laser cut microfiber. It has anti-bacterial treated bristles.

A Very good makeup brush set with a working roll-up pouch and storage box making it very portable.

Designed by a team of makeup artists in the United States. its recommended to clean the brushes with a SHANY brush detox cleanser. You can simply check out their verified Facebook page.

4. Highlighter & Foundation

Endeavor to use a highlighter on your cheek bones, on nose and as well as underneath your lips.

Light foundations don’t rhyme well with a bronze tone to avoid patches and dullness, look for a good dark foundation to apply.

Beauty Skin Care Products for Bronze Skin Tones

We the team of Repdex settled down and took our time to bring out the best products that’ll help you for maintaining and achieving your bronze skin tone.

We took our time to choose skincare products suited for your bronze skin tone. A high pigmentation or release of melanin doesn’t guarantee 100% freedom from skin cancer other skin diseases.

So to help you maintain and take care of your dark or light bronze skin tone, we give you the beauty skin care products you should definitely try today:

1. BeauKON Hyaluronic Acid Cica Night Spot Cream

bronze skin tone, bronze skin product

BeauKON Hyaluronic Acid Cica Night Spot Cream is the first product am recommending for your bronze skin color or bronze skin tone. There are a lot of skin issues coming up daily that even a natural remedy can’t stop or cure it. But thanks to skincare products being made, you can now easily reduce and take off such skin problems. Do you want your skin to GLOW or do u want a smoother skin texture? then this is the skin product for you.

Skincare product made for hydrating and calming, uses sodium hyaluronate and Centella Asiatica extract. It gives a smooth skin texture, reduces redness and irritation, alongside moisturizing the skin.

This Skincare product is meant to be used only at night time after taking a shower and facial cleansing. While this product can give you a lot of benefits, worry less for getting irritations, because the ingredients are listed out already, CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT to help give a replenished skin.

2. Mountain Falls Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer

bronze skin tone, bronze skin product

Mountain Falls Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer is the second skincare product I recommend for people with bronze skin color or bronze skin tone built for sensitive skin, and also it works with time, and not immediately.

Oil-free skin moisturizer with emollients and humectants which are known for effectively hydrating the skin. it’s a non-comedogenic skincare moisturizer optimal for sensitive skin.

  • Lightweight and doesn’t block skin pores
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free

Use this product on your bronze skin and look forward to have a lightweight skin with a magnificent glow

3. Face Moisturizer with SPF 12 Sun Protection

bronze skin tone, bronze skin product

Face Moisturizer with SPF 12 Sun Protection is the third product I recommend for bronze skin tone or bronze skin color, it is made naturally with 100% natural ingredients and a lavender scent, you can also opt-in to choose the cucumber flavor scent. It makes your face primed for makeup and gives non-greasy hydration.

Protects and shields your face away from the UV rays emitted from the sun without the use of chemicals, but purely natural mixtures.

Using 5% of non-nano zinc oxide and microalgae. it also has a lavender scent so it may contain lavender oil. Lavender oil helps to stimulate sleep in the body.

Hair and Clothing Colors Selection for Bronze Skin Tone

hair for bronze skin tone, bronze skin tone, bronze skin
Hair for Bronze Skin Tone

Aside from choosing your skincare and beauty products, testing out the hair and outfit color may also be an issue, so take a look at the detailed how-to guide below:

  • Examine Your Skin Color: Navigate through to find out the color that makes your skin to shout out. Some may find it to be yellow, peach, and gold undertone and these are the war-toned people. while those with cool undertones will have pink and blue undertones.
  • Checkout your Wrist: When the veins on the hand show pink, you are warm-toned, and on the other hand, you are cool-toned.
  • Check out the Color of Eye: Cool-toned individuals may be found to have gray, green, and blues eyes, and some individuals with brown, hazel, and amber are warm-toned.
  • Check out the Color of Hair: Warm-toned individuals possess red, yellow, and orange undertones, while cool-toned people may be found to have ash and silver undertones.
  • Lookup for your celebrity match: Find your celebrity, match up to his skin tone, and see how he/she dresses, puts on makeup and jewelry. Then you can follow the variation of makeup by the celeb.

Best Hair Color for Bronze Skin Tone

However some bronze sin tone or warm undertones individuals may naturally have the hair colors as shown below:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Copper
  • Strawberry blond
  • Golden or caramel brown
  • Wine red 
  • Creamy
  • The almost black shade of brown

You may also take a look into jet black or honey blonde variations of colors.

Colors of Clothing to Avoid

A bronze skin tone with an underlying red or golden tone can also be referred to as a warm skin tone. One should Avoid icy blues, and amethyst, as it focuses a look of gray color on your skin.

Colors to Wear

Warm skin tones should put on and wear earthy shades of red, vibrant, burnt orange, amber, gold, mustard and citrus yellow.

You can also put on cool and splendid fashionable colors like olive greens, orchid, and violet-red and moss. Neutral colors may include taupe, mushroom gray, cappuccino, and cream.

A gold jewelry will bring the game, its gonna be lit on a dark or bight bronze skin. Blush pink (light) and elegant purple may also tend to make a bronze skin sharp and stand out

Elegant purple can also accentuate your bronze skin and bring out your natural glow.

Additionally, gold jewelry will look good and so beautiful hanging on the wrist, ears, or neck of dark or light bronze skin.

Tips to Take Care of Your Bronze Skin Tone

  • Always drink water
  • Sleep regularly on time
  • Make use of your sunscreen
  • Adequate Eating of a balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Clean environments
  • Stop using harsh soaps and creams
  • Wash face regularly, at least twice daily
  • Check ingredients before using any product

Differences Between Bronze Skin Tone & Black Skin Tone

Although they may sound alike, but here are the differences below:

1). It has a Lighter brown shade color and texture It has a Darker shade and Texture
2).Brown color in skin toneBlack color in skin tone

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The Formation of Bronze Skin Tone

As we all know, the release of melanin by the melanocytes located at the basal layer of the epidermis gives the dark pigmentation to the skin.

So looking at the bronze skin tones, there is a decrease in the amount of melanin deposited into the skin, making the dark pigmentation of the skin to be cleared off a little shifting away from black skin tone to bronze skin tone.

Advantages/Merits of Bronze Skin Tone

There are several advantages/merits and good reasons to choose to have a bronze skin tone I am going to mention a few below:

Ultra-Violet Rays Protection from Sun

Individuals with bronze skin tones and also those with dark skin tones have a lower risk to get affected by sunlight to the melanin production rate which often protects them from harsh rays of the sun.

An all-out open and pale skin may get affected due to UV rays emitted by the sun, but on the other hand, a bronze skin tone individual would stay intact with n harm despite the amount of sunlight being exposed to the person.

Stronger Immunity

By scientific research made over the years, it has been fully confirmed that bronze skin tones have way higher immunity than the other skin tones which are lighter than bronze skin tones, the darker we see the skin tone, then the higher the immunity?.

Reduced risk of Skin Cancer

As we all should know, the ultra-violet rays from the sun can cause skin cancers, and just as I said earlier, bronze skin tones have the barrier to block off this UV rays away, and this is indirectly protecting them from skin cancers.

Lighter skin tones, colors, or textures stand a high chance of getting skin cancer due to the harsh rays emitted from the sunlight. Bronze skin tones can stand a lot of environmental hazards.

Kills out Signs of Aging and Facial Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are a very common and high priority issue a lot of people face while getting into their early 30s, although it has a high chance of affecting those with lighter skin tones more.

But the bronze skin tones are highly resistant to the appearance of facial lines on their skin surfaces.

Gives a Youthful Look

Individuals with bronze skin tone have a tight and fresher skin look with a very youthful show off, a younger appearance compared to lighter skin tones.

Bronze Skin Tone is really a blessed skin type and everyone should want it ???? Although, still be grateful and thankful for what God has given to you, be it white, black, bronze, brown #BE GRATEFUL.

Flawless skin texture and fantastic ant the age of 40 or 50 you still look 30, isn’t that amazing? well, we give God the glory. It makes you look way much younger and beautiful with an attractive glow. Bronze skin tone individuals usually flood social media (Instagram to be specific) and post images using the hashtag #SunKiss.

Disadvantages/Demerits of Bronze Skin Color

Everything in Life has a disadvantage apart from going to heaven ¯\_(ツ)_/¯??. This includes the bronze skin tone, it has some few demerits, take a look below:

Dress Code Matching with Complexion

This is most common in the female gender, a lot of girls and ladies tend to put on cosmetics and makeup while dressing, but the disadvantage of bronze skin tone is that not all makeup variations will rhyme with your bronze skin tone.

Making individuals with bronze skin tone very selective while picking a dress or buying makeup kits as well as using shades due to their skin color, however, this isn’t much of a big deal.

Regions possessing Bronze Skin Tone individuals

We live on earth, and each continent or region brings forth each specific human being with matching traits or looks.

Now the race of bronze skin color originates from the American Regions, its a regular race in America, and some parts of Africa. A lot of Canadian and American celebs have the bronze tone color.

Conclusion: What Is Bronze Skin Tone?

Thank you all for your time, and ensure you go through the recommended products, as they would help you. So this is the Summary of the big question “what is bronze tone?”

A bronze skin tone is a brown skin having a good look with underlying red and golden tones. The Bronze skin tone is the lightest among dark skin tones, but darker than caramel skin tone.

Looking at the Fitzpatrick scale, the bronze skin tone is a Type V skin tone, it is very easy to tan and hardly burns. Bronze skin tone also has a lot of skin benefits and health advantages unlike the lighter skin tones.

A lot of celebs have bronze skin tone right from childhood and they can be found in Mexico, some parts of Africa, and the united states of America.

We also gave detailed tips on how to dress, makeup shades to use alongside the best skincare products for your bronze skin tone, and how to get bronzed in 8 steps. Also, try as much as possible to still avoid the sun even when using a good sunblock lotion.

Sleep well, Do Exercise, Eat healthy foods, always stay hydrated by drinking water, meet your dermatologist for a skincare check routine every 6months. Thank you very much once again.

Thanks for your time reading this article: What is Bronze Skin Tone? How to Achieve Good Bronze Skin Color

See Some Of These Beautiful Women On Bronze Skin Tone.

Possible Questions & Answers.

What is bronze skin tone?

Bronze skin tone is a type of skin tone possessed by an individual; this gives him/her a brown color skin with red or golden undertones.

What color is bronze skin?

Bronze skin is a brown color skin with red or golden undertones, and it is the Lightest form of brown skin tones.

How do you get bronze skin?

You get bronze skin by Using carrots and Argan Oil to make your tanning oil naturally or Buy the best skin Tanning products for optimal bronze skin color or tone.

What causes bronze colored skin?

Bronze-coloured skin can be caused by the body absorbing excess iron from food, also known as hemochromatosis. Its also called “Bronze diabetes” because it causes skin darkening and hyperglycemia.

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