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Let’s Talk About Hemochromatosis (Bronze Diabetes)

Hemochromatosis - Bronze Diabetes

The condition in which the human body gets to absorb iron from food intake excessively is termed Hemochromatosis. This is usually caused by genetic occurance of a faulty gene and would in turn aggravate leading to a steady damage to a good number of organs and tissues. Hemochromatosis is Also Known As “Bronze Diabetes” due […]

How did Chris Rock Make his Money?

How did Chris Rock Make his Money

We all have heard pretty much a lot about this famous and hilarious comedian if, at all you missed all his drama, you must have heard the media stunt that went viral a few years ago regarding his divorce from malaak compton. Holding the talent of comedy seems fun if one can actually get to […]

Why did Toni Leave Girlfriends? what really happened!

why did toni leave girlfriends what happened

The process took over 20 years to get Jill Marie, who played Toni on Girlfriends to announce that she quit the show due to not want to renew their contract following the conclusion of the sixth season. Girlfriends was the most popular and culturally significant Black comedy series that first began airing in 2000. In the year […]